Heat Pump Prices – How Much Does New Heat Pump Cost

What are the heat pump prices; we expect to pay?

On average the heat pump cost is $2,395 for a 3.5 to 4 ton heat pump unit with 14 SEER rating, 8.5 HSPF including the electrical heating. This is the actual price for a complete heat pump. This average is from six different heat pump brands.

Heat Pump Brand HSPF Ton Seer Rating Heat Pump prices
8.5 3.5 14 $3,053.00
8.5 3.5 14 $3,656.00
8.5 3.5 14 $3,443.00
8.5 3.5 14 $2,775.00
9 4 14 $4,384.00
8.5 4 14 $3,945.00

I need a new heat pump - so how much does it cost?

For split Heat Pump cost

Indoor and outdoor unit

To installs completely new split heat pump units with duct-works will range from $5,000 to $20,000 give and take.

Heat pump prices without duct-works

To install new heat pump without ductwork will range from $5,000 to $12,000.

For package Heat Pump cost

A single outdoor unit

To put in a new package heat pump with duct-work can range from $4,000 to $9,000.

Heat pump costs without duct-works

It can range from $2, 000 to $4,000. Why so cheap? It doesn’t take much to put in the new package heat pump unit.

The heat pump cost above is estimation and it is including labor and heat pump. The best answer is to get free estimation on the house we are planning to install in. If we pay less than the above estimation cost, that is good.

What factors determine heat pump prices?

    • Types of blower and condenser fan motor
    • Heat pump size
    • Heat pump brand
    • SEER and HSPF rating
    • Model and serial

Types of blower and condenser fan motor

In HVAC, a motor has different speed. A motor that has one speed and is not reversible will cost less than a motor that has 3 or 5 speed that is reversible. This may be hard to believe, but that is how it is.

Heat pump brand

We all want what is the best in the market - right? Same here, but in this is case. It does not apply. Some HVAC company just sell their brand, the heat pump unit and it parts came from the same manufacture. If we keep this in mind, it will save us money. By the way, some HVAC Company own more than one brand and selling their heat pump cheaper with their newer develop brand.

Model and serial

We may find this hard to believe, there are Hvac units with specific model and serial number have higher price than other. It the save HVAC unit with the same, ton, seer, HSPF and an unique model and serial number will influence the heat pump prices.

SEER and HSPF rating

We know that SEER and HSPF rating will influence the heat pump cost by 1 or 2 hundred dollar. SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) is an energy measurement of heat pump cooling season. It is total supply cooling air we get out during the usage period and compare it with the amount of energy it consumes to produce the cooling air.

HSPF (heating seasonal performance factor) is heat pump energy measure for heating season. It is the total heating output during heating season divided by the total electricity energy consumes.

Heat pump size

Heat pump prices are influence by the ton. A 5 ton heat pump is expensive than 4 ton heat pump unit by hundred dollar.

Now we know the heat pump prices, so let’s find out the repair cost for heat pump

How much does it cost to?

Where the fee came from?           Replace Heat Pump heating element           Replace the condenser           Fix leaks           Repair condenser motor           Replace condenser fan           Add Freon           Replace HVAC capacitor           Replacing defrost control board           Replace small heat pump parts           Replace expansion device           Replace reverse valves           Replace evaporator coils           Replace indoor motor            Replace crankcase heater            Replace crankcase heater

How much do you think it cost to repair heat pump? Below is table of the actual heat pump part price tag. By the way, this is not the amount homeowners will pay. Homeowners will pay more than that.

Heat Pump Part
Part prices
Heat Pump condenser price
The part price will vary base on ton, seer, brand, HSPF…
Reverse valve$130 - $270
Heat pump compressor$300 - $1500
Condenser unit$900 - $2,000
Condenser fan$50 - $300
Condenser motor$100 - $1,600
Expansion device$80 - $300
Compressor crankcase heater$74 - $170
Defrost control board$65 - $250
Refrigerant Cost(price depend on pound..25,30,50 lb)
R-22 Freon$40 - $90
R-410A Refrigerant$55 - $96
Indoor Heat Pump Parts
Blower motor house$135 - $350
Evaporator coils$250 - $915
Blower motor cost$80 to $300
Electrical heater$79 - $500
Small Parts Cost$15 - $150
Copper Tube (base on size and length)$12 to $200
Blower wheel$46 - $140
Blower assembly$650 - $900
Condensate pump$80 - $300

Why do we pay so much to repair a HVAC unit in general? (Top of Heat Pump prices)

There are three fees we pay for technician to come over our house.

Diagnostic + Parts + Labor fee = hundred of dollar (for repair/replace only)

Installing + complete HVAC unit = thousand of dollar

Ask for the repair cost, so we won’t be surprise

Hvac troubleshooting fee – is for getting a tech to look at our HVAC unit with or without repair. We will still need to pay it. These fees vary base on location and business hours.

    • Business (7am – 4pm) $56 to $89 give and take
    • After business hrs (4pm - until) $94 - $100 give and take
    • Weekend fee ( Hrs vary ) $98 - $120 give and take

Diagnostic fee will depend on our location and how far we are from the HVAC service company, so find HVAC Service Company nears us will save few bucks.

How will we know the Service Company will influence the diagnostic fees. If we have good relationship without HVAC Service Company, the fee may be less than above.

Labor fee – There is different fee for different works. What we are hiring the technician to DO will directly determine the fee. If we are hiring them to replace HVAC capacitor is cheaper than hiring them to replace the condenser unit. This fee can range from $70 for cleaning electrical part to $1,000 to replace major parts.

HVAC part cost – The actual price for specific part is little than the price HVAC tech charges us. Why? Lets said a tech bought condenser fan motor for $300, they will charge us for the motor 70 or 150 dollar more.

The logic behind this is, if the motor fail within 3 week, who will pay for it. It has to be from the tech wallet. This can’t happen; they can support their family with this situation.

The 70 or 150 dollar more on the HVAC part is just for insurance purposes. They can’t tell their customers, “The motor was flaws from the beginning, so you need to buy new motor.” This is not good for either party. The other reason behind the insurance is some HVAC distribute store will not accept failure motor.

Below are lists of heat pump repair price part and labor

How much does it cost to repair heat pump heating element? (Top of Heat Pump prices)

Actual heater strip price       $139 - $240 (residential)       $240 - $550 (commercial)

The prices of heating element or heating strip depend on Brand, residential or commercial, and kilowatt (BTUs of heat), it also depend where we buy the heater strip.

Taking heating element off can range from 38 minute to 1 and a half hours. The part, labor, troubleshooting fee can range from $300 to $500 for residential.

What is the price to replace heat pump condenser (Top of Heat Pump prices)

The condenser unit prices vary from brand, ton, seer rating, HSPF.

Actual condenser price       $900 - $2,000 (Residential)

The condensing unit replacement process takes 1 – 3 hours long. If the condenser unit is not leaks. We will need to:

    • Remove the refrigerant and put it in recovery tanks
    • Separate the electrical wire, liquid line and suction line from the condenser unit
    • Purge and clean out the foreign material from the line
    • Place in new condenser unit and a new liquid, suction line drier
    • Pressure test for leak and pull deep vacuum of the line
    • Put in new refrigerant for the condenser unit

If the refrigerant has leaked out and the condenser was without ac refrigerant, the installation process might be less than 1 -3 hours.

The price range for labor, troubleshooting HVAC, and condenser unit can range from $1,200 - $ 3,000. This including removing the old condenser unit from our property.

How much does it cost to fix heat pump leaks? (Top of Heat Pump prices)

Fixing leak will including: new refrigerant, labor, troubleshooting heat pump fee. The fixing processes still the same as above, except we’re not going to disconnect the condenser unit.

The duration it takes to fixing condenser unit leak takes from 45 minutes – 2 hours long. It depends on how effecting the technician equipment.

The price range from $450 - $650

The price above is leak that can be fixes. There are leaks that can’t be fixe read below.

Here is an important point

As I’m writing this, copper price is increasing and some HVAC Manufacture Company is reducing the copper thickness within the evaporator and condenser coils. What this mean to us, the consumers. If a leaking occurs within the condenser coils, HVAC Service Company won’t fix it. Why?

It costs money and time; instead, they would just replace the condenser unit plus the compressor. We the consumer does not have the cash to replace the condenser unit every time it leaks within the aluminum copper coil.

The best solution is to find, which HVAC Manufacture Company is reducing their coil copper thickness. We will need to read review and do research; we can’t be their victim.

How much should it cost to replace a condenser motor? (Top of Heat Pump prices)

Condenser motor price range from $100 - $1600

I understand the price range above is scared. Here is the thing; the price range in the thousand is for variable DC motor. This motor is effective and it component is mostly electronic. If we just need a regular variable speed reversible motor, it will not be in the thousand dollar category; it probably $100 - $340.

Here is the part that determines HVAC motor price:

    • Variable speed motor is expensive than single speed motor
    • Reversible motor cost more than non-reversible motor
    • DC HVAC motor is expensive than non-DC motor
    • The motor brand and HP somewhat have affect on the price

To replace condenser motor should be 1 hour or 1 hour and half. Sometime take longer, depend how bad the motor is attach to the condenser fan.

So, how much does it cost to replace the motor, including the labor and troubleshooting fee? The complete condenser price range is from $300 to $470.

To get a new condenser fan, how much does it cost? (Top of Heat Pump prices)

Condenser fan price range $50 - $300

It is just fan; how could it be so expensive? I was thinking the same thing. Well, I have done my read and I was surprise what determine the condenser fan price.

    • Fan blade, some condenser need 3 or 5 blade
    • The rotation of the fan; counter clockwise or clockwise
    • The material makeup of the fan; steel is expensive than aluminum alloy
    • Diameter and pitch degree of blade
    • HP, RPM and Bore of the fan

Last but not less, the sound of the fan; this surprise me. Some people are willing to pay more for fan blade that produces less sound.

Sorry for digress. Replacing condenser fan is simple, but it will take time to remove the fan from the motor shaft. How long it takes is directly depending on how old is the condenser motor.

Let’s said the fan is missing a blade. So – we call technician to fix it. Even though, we know the fan is missing a blade; we will still need to pay the technician for troubleshooting fee. I realize it awful, but that is how it works. The complete price range is from $150 - $250.

How much does it cost to replace heat pump compressor? (Top of Heat Pump prices)

Actual price range of the hermetic compressor is $350 - $1,500 (residential)

The compressor is a major components; it takes time to replace it. The replacing compressor processes are:

    • We will still need to remove the refrigerant and put in storage tanks
    • Remove the compressor
    • Clean the refrigerant line
    • Put new suction and liquid line driers
    • Put in new hermetic compressor
    • Pressure test and check for leak
    • Pull deep vacuum on the line
    • Put in new refrigerant or the original refrigerant

This might takes 1 – 2 hours. The labor, part, troubleshooting fee will range from $800 to $1300. The reason behind the compressor failure will affect the total price.

Side Note

The reason “to why” the original compressor fails affect the price and it will affect the life span of the new compressor.

If the compressor fails from electrical problems, it wouldn’t leave small particle in the refrigerant line. However, if the compressor fails from burnout, we have serious problem. The burnout affects the major component in the HVAC units.

The best way to reduce the affect on the compressor burnout to other component is by properly clean the refrigerant line and replace the filter driers and other small component that need to replace.

How much it cost to add refrigerant (FREON) to heat pump? (Top of Heat Pump prices)

R22 refrigerant per pound around $40 - $90

R410A refrigerant per pound around $55 - $96

The amounts we pay the technician depend directly on how much refrigerant our heat pump unit needs. The total price can range is from $100 - $200 for labor and all.

Side Note

Homeowners often make the mistakes of calls HVAC Service Company and said, “My heat pump unit need refrigerant” this is bad ideas. Why? Some service tech will adds refrigerant to our heat pump or central air conditioner unit without checking if it needs the refrigerant. The main side effect of too much refrigerant in a heat pump unit is compressor failure.

How much does it cost to replace a HVAC capacitor? (Top of Heat Pump prices)

I really didn’t want to put this here. I know there is a lot of video on, “how to test or check a HVAC capacitor.” The only question consumer does not know is: “Is the heat pump failing cause by HVAC capacitor.” That is why I list the charge to replace HVAC capacitor.

The actual price of an ac capacitor is less expensive than the price technician charge.

Dual capacitor $12.40 – $28.95

Single capacitor $6.45 – $20.50

The price technician charge to troubleshooting HVAC, labor and capacitor will range in the $80 - $200. I won’t be surprise if technician charge more or less than the above price. Yeah, the listing price range is expensive.

How to test and check HVAC capacitor

What is the price to replacing defrost control board? (Top of Heat Pump prices)

Defrost board price range from $65 - $250 (some defrost board are more expensive than this)

It should take 45 minutes to hours and a half to replace defrosts board. Troubleshooting defrost board is interesting, a technician might charge from $150 - $300.

What is the cost to replacing small part for heat pump? (Top of Heat Pump prices)

I’m referring to:

    • Fan relay
    • Contactor
    • Transformer
    • Solenoid
    • Sequencers
    • Limit control...etc

The price for small part can range from $15 - $150

It takes technician 45 minutes to hours to replace any small parts; however, if the small part involve taking out a refrigerant from the HVAC unit, it will takes more than 1 hour.

The technician might charge us $80 - $200 to replace any small part within the condenser unit, as I was said early. If the small part involve taking out refrigerant, it will be more than $80 - $200.

What is the cost to replacing the expansion or metering device? (Top of Heat Pump prices)

Around $80 - $300

The price of the expansion device determines by specific model and serial number for that heat pump. The price range for the expansion device range is from $80 - $300 and where we buy the expansion device somewhat directly affect it prices.

So – how long does it take to replace expansion device?

Replacing the expansion device involves taking out the refrigerant. This process takes time, generally, 45 minutes to hours and half. Replacing expansion device also involve replacing filter driers for suction and liquid line.

Service and other fee range from $350 - $800

By the way, expansion device on a heat pump is TWO, one for indoor coil for cooling and one at the outdoor coil for heating. In my honor option, if restriction occur on one expansion device, it is best to replace both indoor and outdoor expansion at the same time. Some may not agree with me on this.

How much does it cost to replacing four way valve or reverse valves? (Top of Heat Pump prices)

Actual reverse valves price range is from $130 - $270

The reverse valve involves removing a refrigerant from the heat pump, this take time. It takes an hour’s to two hours to replace it. The four ways valve is located near the compressor; it kind up difficult to replace it.

When HVAC part involve refrigerant, we will have to follow this procedure:

    • Remove and storage refrigerant in external tanks
    • Purge the refrigerant line and put in new parts
    • Leak test the line and pull a deep vacuum
    • Put in the original refrigerant

The cost to replacing the four way valves also range in $350 to $800

How much does it costs to replace an evaporator coils? (Top of Heat Pump prices)

Evaporator coils price range is from $250 - $915

It is located indoor for split heat pump unit and this make it little harder to replace. Replacing an evaporator coil in package heat pump unit is simple than split heat pump. We also need to replace the filter driers for suction and liquid line.

Replacing evaporator coil involves refrigerant, in our case, it takes 1 to 2 hours long. The total price range for labor, part and troubleshooting will range from $750 - $1000

How much does a heat pump indoor motor cost? (Top of Heat Pump prices)

Blower motor price range base on THE HVAC MODEL AND SERIAL NUMBER


(Volt, HP, Frame, AMPS, RPM, Reversible, PH) and brand

For direct drive blower motor, the price range is from $80 - $350. By the way, some HVAC brands have variable speed blower and it in $800 and up. I hope none of us need that special blower motor.

To replacing just the blower motor, it will range $150 - $450 (the price range will vary depend on the types of motor our heat pump needs).

What is the price for the blower wheel?

Price range for blower wheel is $46 to $140 (price will vary depend on where tech buy it)

What is the cost for blower house?

Price range $200 - $400 (not the complete blower assembly) Just the house!

The complete blower assembly (including, wheel, house, bracket, and motor) will range in $650 - $900. The price wills vary base on brand. Some blower assembly that is reaching the state of non-manufacture will be expensive.

How much does it cost to replace compressor crankcase heater? (Top of Heat Pump prices)

Price range for crankcase heater is from $34 - $170

It should take hours or hours and half to troubleshooting and installing in new crankcase heater. It may take less for those, who have a lot experience. The fee to troubleshooting, labor and part will range from $140 - $250.

How much does it cost to fix or replace electrical heater? (Top of Heat Pump prices)

The price of electrical heater will vary base on kilowatt. It will range from $79 - $500; heat pump brand will influence the cost.

It takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour’s and half to replace it. The part, labor, troubleshooting fee will range from $125 - $250 (the price of the electrical heater part will influence this).

If there is small electrical failure within the electrical heater and it repairable, the fee will be less than the above price.

This is honor rule book on heat pump prices and repair estimation. Contractor, who follow the honor rule will be within this range and other, their fee wills vary as much as 200%.

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